Reliance Medical has one of the strongest brands in the healthcare market.

Our retail range meets the first aid category needs of all manner of retailers, supermarkets, pharmacies, travel accessory retailers, outdoor pursuits, convenience retailers, and promotional gift resellers.

Our ranges can be fully customised.

We specialise in private label products, applying own-brand designs to our extensive and impressive ranges.

As the number of households continue to grow, so too do the number of first aid products purchased for home use.

A well-stocked kit is now becoming a familiar feature in the home. The increasing awareness of domestic safety, alongside the enormous range of products now designed specifically for home use, has generated a growing retail market opportunity.

Householders have a wider choice of consumables than ever before, and can choose from a vast array of stand-alone medical devices and items that replenish or enhance their first aid kits.

With over thirty-million cars now on the road in the UK, this presents a huge opportunity for the marketing and sale of vehicle first aid kits.

Every day, members of the public use a diverse range of transport to go about their business.

Whether using a private vehicle, hired, leased, taxi, company car, or public transport, the provision of a well-equipped first aid kit in case of an accident is increasingly more important.

The demand in the UK for first aid kits in such areas as cycling, climbing, hiking, and a plethora of social, sporting, and other leisure activities, is growing exponentially.

Reliance Medical have seized the opportunity to design a range of kits tailored specifically to cover the needs of this wide variety of leisure pursuits. Each month, more than five-million UK residents travel abroad, and packing a first aid kit in advance is rapidly becoming the norm for most consumers.

Proteqt First Aid Healthcare Reliance Medical PPE

ProteQt products offer exceptional quality and striking design as fundamental cornerstones of the range. 

The ‘Q’ hallmark acts as a reassuring seal of quality, a promise to distributors and end users of the exacting standards that have been undertaken in our wholly owned manufacturing facility. Every product that bears the ‘Q’ logo has been fully tested and certified for use.

Proteqt First Aid Healthcare Reliance Medical PPE

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